What is Powder Coating

Powder coating has been around for nearly 50 years and used throughout industry to create a hard wearing professional looking finish. 

The principle is quite simple, after preparing/degreasing the component, the earth lead  is clipped to it (making the component the negative) and  the powder is positively charged through  the gun in a cloud  that  attracts  to  the component, similar to the way dust  attracts  to a TV screen. One  of  the  main  benefits  of this  process is that the component will  build up the coating thickness to the required level with  little  skill, as once the coating  level is at its maximum the  powder will no longer be attracted, as the powder  on the component insulates against more powder being attracted.   


The next stage is to cure the powder, this is best  done  in an  electric oven,  note do not use  the  oven  for  cooking  food  in afterwards, as the curing vapours are mildly toxic. Most powders need 10 minutes cure time at 180 deg C, this requires the part to get to 180 deg c first, so average process time is approx 20 minutes from start to finish for the average oven. Once the cycle is complete let the part cool down and there you have it the part is ready to use it’s as simple as that!


Thank you for sending me the powder coating system I am very pleased with it's ease of use and the results.I have attached a photo of some car and motorcycle parts which I have coated.   - Thanks again, Willie 
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