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We have added some new colours to our range, including some classic shades:-

  • Plain Silver
  • Classic Khaki
  • Classic Baby Blue
  • Classic Green
  • Orange Fury
  • Emerald Green
  • Electric Blue
  • Red Candy 2
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Another great oven build by one of our customers - very well engineered!


The oven is heater with two domestic oven coiled elements, 2500watt each and two domestic oven fans, it’s internal dimensions are 975mm x 600mm x 1200mm

insulated with 25mm ceramic wool (rated to 1200c) with 1mm steel inner wall and 2mm steel outer wall. The frame is 25mm box section and the window glass is from a log burner. From 18c to 180c takes 40mins, build cost approx. £400.

I bought your powder coating system a couple of weeks ago and I’m having great results.








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Hi im just letting you know that I've received the powder coating system and put it straight to use and I have done 2 parts from my motorcross bike in the chrome and its turned out spot on after a little tweaking with my pressures. I have sent some photos of my set up and the first attempts. one parts was pitted before the powder coating but still looks decent with a coat of chrome on many thanks 








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EasyCoat user

May 06 2020 | 0 comments

Hi I’ve been using your system for about 5 years now and still love it. Heres a picture of my two ovens, 1 for small pieces and one for larger. One picture shows the item being preheated to let it gas off and one shows the finished item.  I’m currently building a oven to take bike frames I’ll send you a pic when its finished.


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Absolutly delighted how this turned out!! Thanks again


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Simple Oven

Apr 27 2020 | 0 comments

John used a old steel fridge that he dismantled and put a 2000 watt element in the bottom area, then wired a PID controller powering a SSR (solid state realy) From what he informs us it works really well!


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After purchasing your Powder Coating kit at Race Retro we have finally built our two storey oven. Mostly used with the top dustbin only but we are able to coat longer objects up to 1 metre in height.
The main heat source is a Halogen Oven cut into the top available cheaply on Amazon which with the addition of a heat gun poked through a hole in the bottom of the lower dustbin achieves 175 degrees C after about 10 minutes. The cooker has a built in fan so gives you a DIY Circotherm Oven! The cooker also has the added bonus of a Pyrex top which provides a viewing point.
The thermostats are just cheap BBQ ones available on eBay and are drilled through the dustbin and bolted in position.
We bought Ceramic Insulation used to insulate Kilns in order to both keep the heat in and for safety. The whole lot is then insulated on the outside with Radiator bubble foil and builders foil roofing tape.
To provide two levels we cut a 1.5mm thick sheet of Steel with a Jigsaw and tack welded it in to give the top bin a platform to sit on as the bins are slightly tapered at the bottom.
We will take you up on your offer of a free bag of powder and we would love to try out the High Chrome colour.
We are in the process of building a tubular spray booth with collecting funnel which we will also send up to you when finished.
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