Our Easy Coat Powder Coating System is capable of so much more than just powder coating metals.....   You can easly powder coat glass, wood, ceramics and tiles.

As with powder coating any product the greatest chalange is how you cure it, see below for some general tips on how to work with the following materials:-


The majority of uses for our powder coating systems is to cure metals, with come of the following being typical parts:- Alloy and steel wheels, brake callipers, suspension parts, coil springs, rocker covers, engines etc
Most metals that will resist 180 deg c can be cured, note lead and solder can generally be successfully cured at 160 deg c, however it's best to try a sample part first.


Wood can be easly powder coated with our Easy Coat Powder Coating System, however depending on the wood used there will be a little 'trial & error' to set the correct oven temperature. As a starting point we would set the temperature of the oven or heat lamp at 130 deg and aim to cure the part at this temperature for 5 minutes. To acheive a high build gloss several coats can be applied.

Ceramics & Tiles

Do you want to create a radical look in your bathroom or kitchen on tight budget? Why not powder coat your tiles (before sticking them on!) With the Easy Coat Powder Coating System you can powder coat any ceramic material with our range of colours, including our candy range for that 'custom look'


Maybe you want to create a 'stained glass' look or want to sell multi coloured Coke bottles! Our Easy Coat Powder Coating System can cover glass and mirrors with ease. Why not try using our high temp masking tape to cut in an intricate design then powder coating different layers of colour.

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