Powder Coating System

Powder coating offers a smart, stylish, and protective finish for components, and you can do it easily at home now too.
With our Powder Coating System you are able to powder coat any product with the same professional finish that would usually only be previously possible with equipment purchased for many thousands of pounds. We also support our systems with an ever growing range of colours and finishes together with all the other associated propitiatory products

Our Powder Coating Systems are built bespoke to our specification providing many years of use. They come complete with a 12 month 'no quibble' warrantee, put simply that if at all you are unhappy with your purchase we will refund the full value of your purchase, or should your system develop any faults during the warrantee period we will replace/repair your system within 48 hours.
Note 'Not for sale in Germany'
Just a quick note to say I am over the moon with your system. I recently aquired a built in electric oven, installed it in garage on its own 13amp (2040watt) power supply. Tested with your chrome finish on my1970 MGB GT's ashtray; came out just perfect.  - Rodger 

What you need to get started:-

Compressor providing at least 50 psi, as this system only requires low pressure, we would say at this point though there is good advantage by purchasing a small compressor with receiver of at least 6 litre capacity as this will cut your cleaning of the gun down to about 1 minute.

A heat source..... type of heat source depends on the size of your component and how quick you need to process parts. An electric oven is normally ideal for most components, it's quick and simple to use. You could purchase a purpose manufactured oven costing from a couple of hundred pounds to many thousands, however if what you intend to bake is no larger than a domestic oven (type in your kitchen), then this will work fine, but don't cook food in it afterwards as the fumes created are mildly toxic. Another method of curing is using an infrared lamp or bar heater, this method is more suited to large objects that would not easily fit in to an oven. For the economy DIY enthusiast you can also achieve good but slightly slower results by using a heat gun (type used for stripping paint). There are other methods but in the main the three listed will cover most scenarios.

Good ventilation.......ideally this is achieved with a professional spray booth of which you can regularly find on auction sites like eBay, however not in everybody's price range. There are other options, the main thing is that you protect yourself from the dust entering your lungs, this can be achieved by working in a well ventilated area like your garage with the windows and doors open wearing a good dust proof mask (not the cheap 99p paper type). In addition you will need to wear safety glasses and latex type gloves (when handling powder). Note although the use of powder is far safer than conventional solvent based paints it's better to be 'safe than sorry' when it comes to your health.

With every system purchased there will also be practical guidelines supplied

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